Club Passion

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XVIII Records 7th release: Club Passion cassette // Limited edition 100ex.

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TV Colours


XVIII Records sixth pressing: TV Colours 12″ – Purple Skies, Toxic River // limited edition 500ex.

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Black Bug

XVIII Records fifth pressing: Black Bug 12″ – Reflecting The Light // Limited edition 500ex.
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La Secte du Futur

XVIII Records fourth pressing: La Secte du Futur 12″.
Limited edition 500ex
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Royal Headache

Royal HeadacheXVIII Records third pressing: Royal Headache 12″.

“For once, I’m at a loss for words, so forgive any lapse in eloquence that may occur, but I’m truly speechless. ROYAL HEADACHE was the best band I saw last year and one of the best bands I’ve ever seen in my short, hideous life. The music, I’m not even sure how to describe it. It’s punk with absolutely no pose, and honestly, this is pop done through a punk lens and it works perfectly. Shogun, the singer, is as manic a vocalist as ever before but has the best voice I’ve ever witnessed in person. The music doesn’t slack either, and though the arrangements are slightly amateurish at times, it all seems to work out exactly the way I hope it does through the course of the tunes. This has to be heard to be believed, if you buy on record from that lazy continent, make it ROYAL HEADACHE”. – Brace Belden. Maximum Rock N Roll #325
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Yussuf Jerusalem

Yussuf Jerusalem - Blast from the Past

XVIII Records first pressing: Yussuf Jerusalem 12″ – Blast from the past //  Limited edition 500ex 180grammes.
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Split Catholic Spray/Assassins88-TV Colours

Split Catholic Spray // Assassins 88 - TV Colours

Blasting bands for a 7″! // Limited edition 500ex.
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